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Kharkov - (Kharkiv, Harkiv, Harkow, Charkow)

Kharkov EmblemGeneral Information about Kharkov city

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine. It was founded in the 17th century. In the 1930s it was the capital of Ukraine. It is the largest industrial, scientific and cultural center of the country. It occupies more than 300,000 square kilometers and has the population over 2,000,000 people. In Kharkov city is situated the oldest ukrainian university. Kharkiv is the students' center of Ukraine as well, with more than 188,000 students, including 5,300 foreign students from 50 countries, studying at its 83 higher education institutions. The Kharkov National University founded in 1805 by Vasil Karazin. Kharkov too is named as: Kharkiv, Harkiv, Harkow, Charkow. The international telephone code of Kharkov city is: +38057. The international post code of Kharkov is: 61000.

General Information about Kharkov region

The biggest towns of Kharkov region are Chuguev, Kupjansk, Lozova, Izyum, Volchansk, Balakleja. The Kharkov region is located in northeast of Ukraine on border of forest-steppe and steppe zones and borrows southwest surburb of Central Russian upland. On nature-climatic conditions the terrain of region can be divided into two zones: forest-steppe are central, boreal both western areas and steppe - austral and east areas.

Climate moderate. Mid-annual temperature: years + 21C With, winter -7C Level of a rainfall - 540 mm (mid-annual).
In the north and northeast the Kharkov region adjoins on the Belgorod range of the Russian Federation, in the east - with Lugansk, in a southeast - with Donetsk, in a southwest - with Dnepropetrovsk, in the west and northwest - with the Poltava and Sumy regions of Ukraine.
Terrain of region - 31,4 thousand in km that compounds 5,2 % of terrain of Ukraine. It is characterized by the big compactness, that in conditions of a flat relief rather favours to development of intraregional economic communications.
Terrain of range cross main iron and highways through which she has an output to Donbass, to Crimea, Caucasus, to ports of the Black, Azov and Baltic seas, to many large industrial centres outside Ukraine.
Minerals in range are submitted by a natural gas (Efremovskoe, Western - Krestischenskoe, Kegichevskoe and other deposits), oil, stone and brown coal, a rock salt, phosphorites, clay, sands, limestones, a chalk, etc.
Oof of region are springs of mineral waters - Berezovskaya, Raj - Elenovskaya and others.
The Kharkov region is located on a watershed of Don and Dnepr. On its terrain 156 rivers in length more than 10 kms proceed. The largest - Severskij Donets (length of 380 kms in limens of range), Orel' (length of 200 kms in limens of range), Oskol (length of 177 kms in limens of range). Severskij Donets by the right is considered one of the most beautiful rivers of Ukraine.
Coasts of Severski Donets are very picturesque on the big extent of the river. The river in area Gajdar and Farms Korobovyh is especially beautiful. Here the infrequent combination for austral steppe of the deep river with thick woods and extensive meadows of a low left bank was saved. Above the river tower Cossack and mountains Gorodishchenskaja from which the wonderful kind on all extensive valley of the river opens.
Below Izyum his largest inflow runs into Severskij Donets - Oskol who in limens of range on a significant part proceeds among cretaceous slopes and is in own way secreted with beautiful kinds. Here, in his valley, between village Poplars and the Kupjansk city on abrupt cretaceous slopes once grew cretaceous pine forests. Now from them only here and there were saved single cretaceous a pine - alive monuments of far geological times. They differ special colour of trunks and a dark green sprawling crone. On remote exposures of a chalk in a valley there are also other infrequent plants.
In limens of range 36 lakes by the general area about 2,5 thousand acrs are totaled. Most of all them in a valley Severskij Donets. As a rule, all of them of a river origin, have the elongated form and small depths (2-3 m).

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